Encouraging Customers to Follow Through and Not Abandon the Shopping Cart

Abandoned shopping carts comprise one of the most frustrating issues for online retailers. Potential customers have loaded up the cart with some items and then not bothered to check out. In fact, some 68 percent of people who add something to a shopping cart don’t actually make a purchase, according to Forbes. What can these e-commerce sites do to convince shoppers to click the button and seal the deal? Changing some aspects of mobile website design in Bucks County can help. So can communicating with the shopper, if possible.


One of the most effective methods for reducing shopping cart abandonment is to offer free shipping, if this is not already being done. It generally works better psychologically to increase product pricing a bit and not charge for shipping. People tend to dislike paying for that service even though they are aware that it costs money to package and send something. It still feels to the customers like they are not receiving anything tangible for that extra cost. Once they enter the products into the cart and then discover the shipping price, they commonly back out of the sale. The organization will need a website application developer to update the site with this change.

If free shipping doesn’t seem like a reasonable option, providing an uncomplicated checkout design can encourage customers to follow through. This is not the place to ask potential buyers a lot of questions. In fact, customers generally would just as soon find out their grand total before they enter any information other than their zip code. They may abandon the cart even before they know the shipping charge if they have to enter all their personal data first. A website design company such as netStride can help e-commerce businesses with this change.

If the person entered his or her email address on the site without making a purchase, or if this is a previous customer and the company has the address, sending a friendly email encouraging checkout sometimes prompts a sale. The email might include a small promotional discount for completing the transaction, such as offering a 5-percent discount on the products or on shipping. The webmaster can set this up as an automatic process for carts that have been left abandoned for a certain number of days.